How long is the market open?

The market runs from 10 am on November 19 to 5 pm on November 22. You can purchase items at any point during this timeframe. You will receive your items after the conclusion of the market from November 27-29.

How does the Virtual Holiday Market work?

All vendors have a “virtual stall” on goulbournmarket.ca. Shoppers can browse different stalls and read each vendor’s business profile. Stalls also contain information about the sales system that each vendor has in place. From any virtual stall, shoppers can click on a button that takes them directly to that vendor’s website. All purchases are conducted through the vendor’s website, not on goulbournmarket.ca.

Some vendors have a link to a Facebook or Instagram page instead of a website. How does that work?

Yes! Some vendors are conducting sales through social media channels. Please consult each vendor’s stall to see how you can purchase items through their online platform of choice.

I have a question about purchasing or returning a product. Who do I contact?

Please contact vendors directly through their website or social media channels. 

Why do I have to use the GM2020 code?

The GM2020 code is a way to let vendors keep track of which items have been purchased under the banner of the Virtual Holiday Market and will have to be dropped off at Goulbourn Museum for buyers to collect.

Please consult each “virtual stall” to see how individual vendors would like you to apply the code.

I bought an item through the market. How do I receive it?

All items will be available for curbside pickup at Goulbourn Museum from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 27, 28, and 29.

When you arrive and park at the Museum, please phone 613-831-2393 to provide the name on the order. Museum staff will bring your order outside to you.

How do I get to Goulbourn Museum?

The Museum is located at 2064 Huntley Rd, Stittsville. Directions to the Museum are available here.

Is there an option to ship items?

The Virtual Holiday Market does not facilitate shipping. If you would like to receive items in the mail, you can contact vendors directly through their website or social media channels to see if they have a shipping policy in place.